Discover resourceful websites to supplement your studies

When you are writing a paper in any one of the scientific fields, it is essential to be backed by the most updated information. The resources that you consult when doing the necessary research for your paper need to be reputable and trustworthy. Below we outline a couple of reputable online resources for your scientific studies.

Physical Sciences

If you are studying in the field of physical science, you can look up This site will likely provide you with expert solutions to your most urgent scientific questions in the field of the physical sciences. Whether you are studying chemistry or doing your doctorate as a physicist, reputable online resources are a necessity.

Environmental Sciences

The environment has never been a more important subject of discussion since the activities of people every day have an impact on the environment. If you are writing a paper on environmental management, you can look up the National Science Foundation (NSF). They provide countless resources for students and teachers in the field of environmental sciences.

Life Sciences

The National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) provides teachers and students with up-to-date resources in the field of Life Sciences. with older necessary information being online, there is no need to attend a classroom discussion or course. Zoology students often use this site as a resource when they are writing a thesis.

Mathematics and Computer Sciences

The study of computer sciences and mathematics have never played a more central role in our society than it does today. If you are studying in this particular field, you may want to consult for the latest trends and courses in Computer Science.


With so many fields in engineering, you may need a comprehensive resource that can cater to your specific needs. The site is an excellent resource for teachers and students devoted to studying engineering. They even claim that anyone with a passion for engineering can opt-in for a simple course.

Social Sciences

If you are devoted to studying in the field of Social Sciences, then you might want to look up RIC Publications online. They provide students and teachers with a wide range of geography, psychology, and history resources that covers all the bases.