Promoting Science Through its Most Recent Discoveries

Studying can take its toll on the body and mind. It can be a good idea to take a look at history to admire the accomplishments of science. Below we cover the main fields of science and the advancements that have made them stand out through the years.

Physical Sciences

Einstein’s theory of relativity is probably one of the most famous scientific theories to date. It managed to explain the behaviour of objects in space and time. This theory can even explain how gravity bends light. Einstein’s equation E =mc2 is at work when the engine in your car is burning gasoline. When the gasoline burns, the energy is converted into motion energy.

Environmental Sciences

The world is slowly shifting to the use of renewable resources. This is great news for environmental sciences, as countries and governments across the world are implementing policies to advance the use of renewable resources. We can only hope that the oil companies will follow suit. The rate at which we are currently consuming fossil fuels is not sustainable.

Life Sciences

The field of Life Sciences has made too many contributions to mention in one paper. To grow healthy crops, farmers used a dangerous chemical called DDT that killed harmless animals and damaged the Ozone layer of the earth. Biological control has been one of the most incredible advancements in this regard. For example, biologists have released unique fish into reservoirs to eat alien plants that invaded the water.

Mathematics and Computer Sciences

With advancements in Computer Sciences, it has become a lot easier to work from home. With the development of incredible software, individuals can conduct meetings and do most of their work all from the comfort of their own homes. There are always innovative ideas being developed in this field that allow users to access information at the touch of a button.


With advances in engineering, we get to move and do things with greater efficiency. There is simply nothing we can do from structural engineering to automotive engineering without our engineers designing and building our world. Engineers have in recent times developed a self-healing concrete material that is stronger than reinforced concrete.

These are only the very tip of the iceberg. Science truly is all around is and in everything we do.