Science Cafe Features on Nature’s Blog Series: Reaching Out

“Soapbox Science is a guest blog hosted by the Communities team. It is intended to provide a forum for the discussion of science topics including news, the history of science, ethics, details of expeditions or outreach activities and book reviews.

To tie in with June’s event , which will discuss how scientists can reach out of the ivory tower, we’re hosting a series of guest posts on Soapbox Science. We will hear from a range of contributors: scientists, writers, enthusiasts, communicators, events organizers, policy makers and teachers, each sharing details about how they reach out to engage with the public.” 

Today, Nature’s Soapbox Science blog featured two articles from local Cafe organisers, Ann Grand and Laura Walker. Ann’s post looks at the original and future of the Cafe movement, and Laura talks about her experiences organising the Tobacco Factory’s monthly Science Cafe in Bristol.